Not only will you learn why email marketing is still relevant in 2021, but you’ll also understand why an email marketing plan is more important than ever.

Win New Customers and Retain Existing Customers with Engaging Experiences

Email automation helps you turn missed chances into stronger client relationships and more conversions.

Allow it to be your closest friend when it comes to creating the architecture for experiences at each stage of the buyer’s journey: awareness, contemplation, and conclusion. With more engaged and higher converting contacts, you’ll begin to reap the rewards of email marketing automation sooner rather than later.

You may believe that potential customers will provide you with the best return on investment, yet returning clients are your most profitable customers. A repeat consumer implies they’ve already invested into your brand, which means you’ve already won half the battle. Now it’s just a matter of continuing their trip in order to keep them as committed brand ambassadors.

Do you manage an e‐commerce platform?

• Product promotion can be accomplished through social media marketing, paid advertising, or even direct mail (yep, old‐fashioned snail mail).

However, 77 percent of people prefer to receive permission‐based commercial emails via email. Contacts have given you specific permission to send them correspondence directly to their inbox, indicating that they are interested in receiving promotional emails.

Additionally, using tools like Seventh Sense to time your emails right will result in a greater open rate, click‐through rate, and conversion rate.

o Abandoned Carto Welcome Series

o Nurture Series (if applicable)

o Series of Re‐Engagement

Starting with these will provide you with a substantial amount of ammunition for expanding your
customer experiences. Segmentation, personalisation, and tracking client activities are just a few of the
techniques that will open your eyes to additional possible email automation solutions.

Creating More Meaningful Customer Relationships Through Personalization

When you personalise and tailor your email marketing efforts, what exactly are you doing? You’re
working smarter, not harder, when it comes to marketing. Personalization improves your return on
investment, helps you to engage customers more deeply, and allows you to be more flexible with your
email marketing strategies.

A tailored experience, according to 71% of consumers, would affect their decision to open and read
brand emails. Who knew that saying a person’s name instead of “Hey there!” or “Hello friend!” would
have such an impact? Sorry, did my sarcasm come across?

It should be normal practise to use personalisation tokens to create a one‐to‐one experience. It’s not
even necessary to use someone’s first name!

What exactly do I mean when I say “personalization”? Start segmenting your contact list based on key
contact qualities or actions your clients have performed to take things a step further and become more
purposeful with your email marketing efforts.

HubSpot, for example, allows you to keep track of page views. Let’s say you want to send a follow‐up
email to contacts who have visited a product page many times. If a contact views a page more than two,
three, or even five times, it is clear that they are interested in that product or service. Here are a few
fast ways to engage folks who are looking at the product:

1. Create a list based on the number of page URL views.

2. Create a nurturing series to funnel contacts from this list into a three‐ to six‐part email automation series for follow‐up.

3. Create if/then branches based on email engagement, non‐engagement, or un‐engagement.

These straightforward procedures might help you create a slew of segmentations that you can use to further split or exclude from future marketing campaigns. Learn how to expand your email lists with blogs, opt‐in tactics, and more to take things to the next level.

If you’re not using personalization and customisation in your email campaigns yet, it can seem like the Marley Brothers from A Christmas Carol rattling their chains late at night, haunting you for all your personalised transgressions.

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