The first email optimization was sent in 1978, resulting in $13 million in revenue and launching what has since become the most popular marketing platforms to this day. Email isn’t as flashy as other newer channels like texting and social, but it is an effective approach to establish an owned audience that produces results.

55 percent of email is now viewed on a smart phone, confirming that mobile email is viewed more than desktop email. As desktop openings continue to fall, the ability to conduct marketing campaigns that display and function properly on mobile devices is becoming increasingly important. The overall goals of any marketer will involve improving engagement and customer acquisition. What is the key? Marketing that is cell phone.

As a result, evaluating your marketing emails on a smart phone and determining the proportion of desktop users to smartphone owners in your email list is something that will be done every time an email campaign is prepared. Here are our tried‐and‐true strategies that we use in all of the email campaigns

7 best ways to Optimize emails for Smartphone users

1. Make A note of Your Preheader Text 

Every email requires a catchy headline. The preheader in phone applications refers to the first phrase of your e ‐ mail that is seen as a sample in the person’s email app. People could read it before deciding whether or not it should open your email. The preheader carries your email’s initial line, although most email systems (ESPs) allow you to change it. Make your title tag and preheader text one interconnected message for the greatest outcomes. This means you’ll have more room to contextualise your content or include more facts, such as prices and offers.

2. Always go for a Creative Design.

Your emails should be designed to be responsive and creative as similar to your website. Your emails will immediately fill the screen of any dimension device and look fantastic on any phone or tablet your customers use to read them if you employ responsive and creative design. This implies they won’t have to scroll left and right or expand in and out to see the entire message. Most ESPs have customizable email templates, but you may always create your own that
will exactly match your firm’s style.

3. Be short and brief

Keep your email messages text to a minimum. smartphone nodes are almost certainly viewing your email while on the go. They most likely do not have the time to actually read all of the messages they get, and they may become
forgetful if you do not get to the point quickly.
To get to the message fast, focus on a single subject with a short message. Resist using extended paragraphs and putting too many hyperlinks in at once. And always put the most pertinent and meaningful information first.

4. Choose Your Images Wisely

When it relates to mobile‐optimized emails, clean and simple pictures are essential. However a picture is worth a thousand words, don’t overdo it with photographs or insert huge image files. They may take a long time to load on phones that rely on mobile networks.
When uploading images, please sure to provide a description for each image file. Because captions appear when images do not, they reveal information about the image even if it does not display in your email for whatever reason.

5. Call‐To‐Action

CTAs are crucial parts of any form of writing you generate, especially marketing emails. Instead of actually reading the email, you want your users to take action by following through, reading more, going to sign up for an opt‐in, or purchasing
your offers.
As a result, when you compose an email with a deal, don’t delay it until the conclusion. Instead, draw your viewer’s interest to your CTA by positioning it at the opening of the email. Place the CTA at the bottom of the email as well.

6. Make use of Buttons

While you may certainly include a CTA in a text‐based link, other solutions may be more effective for mobile consumers. Using tabs for your CTAs is even preferable. Add your CTA to a visually appealing and simple button that mobile customers will not be able to ignore. When utilising a smart phone with a touch screen, users find it a lot easier to tap on buttons.

7. Improve Your Landing Page

Email mobile optimization does not stop at the inbox. The majority of email marketing redirect readers to the firm’s site or a specified homepage. Check that the urls in your email lead your viewers to a cellphone webpage. Consider using a responsive and creative design, a simple font, and clear text. Add CTAs strategically throughout your homepage so that people knew what to do when they reach.

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