Social Media is a booming industry nowadays. People are turning dust into golds with the right approach and tactics. What if you get to know you can earn money through affiliate marketing? Think no more, we are here to tell you all. Affiliate marketing is a new marketing technique by which you can earn money by promoting another person’s or company’s product.

Through affiliate marketing, you choose a product that you like and then get a share of the profit when sales are generated after you promote it. The sales are tracked through the link you have been provided. Where you are the affiliate.

Nowadays, It is a popular tactic to generate sales and revenues online. It benefits both the company and the affiliate. In affiliate marketing, product marketing is most essential. Where different individual put their idea into product marketing of a product and getting a share from the profit of the sales generated.


Affiliate Marketers get paid in various ways which not always depend on consumers buying a certain product. There are 3 ways in which an affiliate can get paid:


  • Pay per Sale:

As the name suggests pay per scale generates income to the affiliate when the particular products have been sold off to the consumer. Then only the merchant would pay a part of the profit from the revenue that has been generated to the affiliate.

  • Pay per Lead:

Pay per lead is a little complex tactic in earning the money. As in this, the affiliate has to make the consumer visit the website of the merchant and hen follow some tasks like filling a form or so on. To get money.

  • Pay per click

It redirects the consumer from the affiliate platform to the merchant’s website. The affiliate duty is to market the product in a way that can make the consumer go to the link and check the product by herself. In this, the affiliate is paid by the web traffic she generates.

How to earn money through Affiliate Marketing?

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

Being an Affiliate marketing can generate easy and passive income. It’s entirely based on work from home. So you don’t need to leave your couch for work. You can enjoy at home and also earn money.

It’s cost-efficient as it doesn’t require a hefty investment. And lastly, it is convenient and flexible and won’t burn extra calories.
With various SEO techniques available you can make your product marketing excellent and can earn from home.

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