In our small email marketing world, every email marketer uses technology advances so quickly that it’s easy to lose sight of what an email is all about. An email is nothing more than a collection of words, regardless of segmentation, timeliness, deliverability, or design. A message from you or your firm to other people who have raised their hands and said, “Hey, your work might just be important to me.” ‘Tell me a little more about it.’

Every email message you send contains words that are the heart and soul of it. Spending the time to get them correctly makes sense. Here are a few “tricks of the trade” to help you produce emails that resonate with recipients and motivate them to take action with email marketing services.

Find out who they are at their core

As an email marketer, you’re certainly familiar with your list’s demographics. You know their age, where they’re from, and perhaps even what cereal they consume for breakfast. I’m not talking about data, though. I’m referring to them as a three-dimensional humans. Spend time in the real world meeting, networking, and connecting with the people on your list. Sure, you won’t be able to meet with all 100,000, but even a small group will suffice.

You’ll be able to write to your list with more authenticity once you’ve created a real, human being in your imagination to represent your list. Marketers who wish to reach out to multiple groups of real individuals in order to help them in the most effective way possible may construct buyer personas. But first, do some one-on-one practice in the actual world. You’ll be writing to a person rather than a number, and you’ll notice the difference in every word you write.

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Demonstrate that you, too, are a human being

It’s fine to be yourself when writing. People will adore you for it and react to it in the same way that one human being reacts to another. Of course, your “persona” should reflect your own personality as well as the tone of your business and target demographic. Write to them in their own language, emphasizing the aspect of your personality that corresponds to your marketing message.

Keep in mind that email marketing is a powerful branding strategy and you get sales with email marketing. If you’re writing under your real name, including some personal information from your life. ‘All right, that’s it for today,’ sign off. I’m headed to catch the Mets game; best of luck to them! People will respond by trusting you more if you are honest, human, and authentic.

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Instead of writing about yourself, write about others

What are you going to say to your list when you sit down to tell them to go buy your product after spending your entire life focused on it? The majority of people discuss their product. It’s them you should be talking about. Use the real human knowledge you’ve gathered about them to enter their world. Use the word “you” instead of “we” or “I” to address the reader directly.