Every business or organization faces obstacles in term of growth, when they’re at a starting phase. Non-profit organizations and non-governmental organization also face similar challenges when it comes to digital marketing strategies

In fact, it can be even more challenging for them. Because they have to convince their audience to donate money and goods for a cause or community, where there is no tangible profit for the individual but helping those in need. Non-profit organizations need volunteers, donors, charity funds, resources, and a solid team to fulfil their mission and for the betterment of our communities.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, organizations are facing problems like:

  • Shortage of resources
  • Budget issues
  • Lack of public reach
  • Mismanagement of digital identity

If this sounds a bit like your team? Then you have come to the perfect place.


Here are some best Digital Marketing Strategies For Non-Profit Organizations

What works and what doesn’t often depends on the organization and their target group, but here are a few strategies that are tries and tested:

  1. Increase Website traffic by using Content Marketing on Social Media
    It is a must to stay relevant, and the only way is to be original and consistent. You have to keep posting on your social media. By publishing blogs, podcasts, videos, merch, and updates. You need to do this to keep your consumers active. Keep providing content and provide new original ideas. Provide content that can get the public hooked on your services.
  2. Use the service Google Ad Grants, which has $10,000 Free Advertising Per Month
    There is a branch that is non-profit in the google ads department. This branch gives $10,000 per month – $329 per day to qualified non-profits. This service is available in many countries.
  3. Start a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign
    Once you get a large following on social media, you can start a peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns that enable all your supporters to become active donators.
  4. Send emails actively
    Sending emails with eye-catching titles can entice people to click on them and read about them more. Sending them in large numbers can draw attention and earn you many loyal customers facing similar problems. If you send more emails, the more public reach you will receive and thus proportionally new customers.


One such organization that’s utilising digital marketing techniques to reach to a much greater audience is Genesis Foundation. It is a children’s healthcare foundation that supports those born with Congenital Heart Defects. For those of you who are unaware about this disease, it refers to one or more problems with the heart’s structure that exist since birth.

Digital Marketing Strategies For Non-Profit Organizations


If it is treated timely, these children born with heart defects can live a normal life. But again, if you’re living in a country where the average person’s income is 200 times less than that of the treatment, how do you imagine getting treated?
That’s exactly where Genesis Foundation steps in, bridging the gap in the financial cost of CHD treatment in India for lesser privileged families.

As a children’s healthcare foundation, they not only help those in need, but also provide full emotional support and counselling to families as well. If you want help another child’s heart beat stronger, check out their website and donate!

It is non profit organizations like these that are optimally using digital marketing strategies. And if you need any help with your Non-Profit Organization, Digiflick is right here for you!



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