Domain authority (DA) is one of the key parameters Google uses to determine your content rankings. Pages and posts backed by high domain authority often rank higher on Google even when they possess less useful content than pages and posts which are not backed by high domain authority. Here, we have listed the full-proof methods to increase the domain authority of your casino or betting website.

1. Create High-Quality Original Content

Creating content with the help of AI tools like ChatGPT and CoPilot would help you save time, but it won’t help you increase the domain authority of your casino website. Original content written by writers and then optimised to perfection by SEO is the first step in the process of making Google realise that your content is helpful and possesses differing views and opinions from those that are already present on the web. Once your content gets recognised as original, increasing domain authority becomes easier.

Creating a killer that gets natural backlinks from authoritative websites is probably the easiest and best way to gain good backlinks, which can positively affect your domain authority. However, natural backlinking would only get you to a certain point and beyond that, you will have to use your intelligence and skills to acquire new backlinks. You can promote your content and website to influence more publishers to link to your content. Also, you can reach out to your competitors for casino guest posting and exchanging links. These are some of the moral ways to gain good backlinks.

Backlinks are important for your website’s ranking, but bad links can be harmful. Links from spammy sites can lower your website’s authority and might even get you penalised by Google. To avoid this, regularly check for bad links and remove them quickly. Use SEO tools to find harmful links. If you can’t remove them, use Google Search Console to disavow them, so Google will ignore these bad links when indexing your site.

4. Optimise the Website Structure

Optimising your site structure to improve the user experience is a proven way to increase domain authority. Google pushes those websites that are easy for web users to navigate. A website with a lot of ads and false pop-up links is bound to get adversely affected when it comes to domain authority. Keeping the structure of your casino website neat and clean should be your priority if you want to increase the domain authority.

Identifying the opportunities in your content where you can internally link to your website without the link being seen as forced is a critical key factor in determining the domain authority of your casino website. According to Google, a good website has an excellent internal linking structure. Make sure that each of your content is internally linked. You can use several SEO tools to identify internal linking opportunities.

What is a Good Domain Authority Score?

Popular websites like Google, Wikipedia, WordPress, Blogger, Medium and others have domain authority of 90 or above. However, aiming for 90+ domain authority from the get-go is a pipe dream. These are popular platforms with tons of good-quality content, reviews and uncountable backlinks. Reaching there will take you a lot of years. Therefore, one should target a domain authority of 50 or more in the beginning phase and gradually move towards the goal of getting to 90+. It won’t be easy, but constant effort will help you improve your website.

Can My Posts Rank Highly on Google Without a Good DA Score?

Yes, your content could rank highly on Google without a good domain authority score. However, that is possible only in a handful of cases. For this to happen, you would need original content that Google deems to be very useful for web users. You also need to have a good amount of backlinks supporting that particular post. Also, the information in the post should be updated regularly so that Google does not think that the content has become obsolete. Keeping a post in the top ranks in Google search results without having a domain authority score is going to take a lot of work.