To promote you just need to know the best pay per affiliate programs through best digital marketing company in india.

That is why we have decided to get to know about them in-depth and bring some real affiliate treasures back to the surface for you.

Enjoy it!

Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

  1. Kasamba Affiliate Program
  2. Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program
  3. Frontpoint Home Security
  4. Watch Gang Affiliate Program
  5. Petplan Pet Insurance Affiliate Program
  6. Identity IQ Affiliate Program
  7. American Express Canada Affiliate Program




Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs For 2021

Kasamba offers its visitors a full range of esoteric services, including mental and spiritual guidance, tarot readings, and astrology forecasts.

But they also provide other services like dream analysis, career forecasting, and fortune-telling.

And they can test the services for free – customers get 3 free minutes with the mind of their choice.


Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs For 2021

This is your first real introduction to what to expect by promoting pay per affiliate programs… so handle yourself.

Kasamba is happy to pay its affiliates up to $ 150 in affiliate commissions per lead!

And when it comes to the best pay-per-lead programs, those amounts become the rule rather than the exception of best pay per affiliate programs.

URL: Kasamba affiliate program

Commission:  $150 per lead


Cookie duration: 60 days


Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program

Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs For 2021

Liberty Mutual is one of the oldest insurance providers in North America, returning to business in 1912.

They’re now one of the largest customers with millions of customers in 30 different countries best pay per affiliate programs

So what type of insurance cover do they provide?

In terms of personal insurance, they offer auto, property, boats, tuition, motorcycles, identity theft, life, and even pet insurance.

Business owners can rely on them for everything from commercial auto and general liability insurance to surety bonds.

Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs For 2021

And now we have an example of the low end of affiliate programs per lead within affiliate marketing.

Although the insurance industry as a whole is huge, you will only earn a maximum of $ 10 per lead to generate business for Liberty Mutual.

URL: Liberty Mutual affiliate program

Commission: Up to $10 per lead

EPC:  $34.09

Cookie duration: 120 days

Frontpoint Home Security

Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs For 2021

Frontpoint Security made an option – a DIY home security system that provides most of the same features but at a fraction of the cost.

You can tailor your alarm system to your exact needs, covering everything from unauthorized entry to fire, flood sensors, carbon monoxide alarms, and more.

And all this is done without running wires around your entire house.

Frontpoint security systems are also designed to operate in harsh weather conditions, capable of withstanding extreme heat and extreme cold.


Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs For 2021

Now, this is an affiliate marketing place where people are happy to spend money because theft is becoming common with each passing day.

URL: Frontpoint Security affiliate program

Commission:  $175 per lead


Cookie duration: 20 days

Watch Gang

Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs For 2021

The idea of ​​giving a new, high-quality watch to their door every month is basically the perfect gift for them.

Well, each watch is heavily discounted – especially that of the major brands.

The final layer of icing on this cake is that customers are included in the weekly draw for a new Rolex watch.

And yes, this is an actual Rolex…


Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs For 2021

This pay-per-lead program pays $ 27 for every new customer you send to their affiliate landing page.

You will probably earn more with a percentage-based affiliate commission rate.

But a fixed rate allows you to better estimate your affiliate marketing income.

URL: Watch Gang affiliate program

Commission:  $27 per lead


Cookie duration: 30 day

Petplan Pet Insurance

Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs For 2021

Most people who owned dogs do not have insurance for their dog friends.

Despite the fact that a single visit to the vet can cost hundreds of dollars or thousands.

So it just makes sense to have pet insurance.

Especially with a company like Pet Plan, as they cover conditions and treatments that other providers do not.

Like genetic and chronic health problems, for example, some pure cats and dogs can suffer.

Your pets also get dental cover!

And your visitors only have to make a monthly payment and they are covered for a 90% veterinarian fee.


Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs For 2021

Although most pet owners do not currently have pet insurance, that market grows by 4% every year.

That is, there are huge possibilities of earning money here.

Because affiliates earn $ 25 per new customer with this pay-per-lead program.

URL: Petplan affiliate program

Commission:  $25 per lead


Cookie duration: 30 days

Identity IQ

Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs For 2021

Identity IQ can help you deal with this nightmare.

And they do this by constantly monitoring any changes in your personal details.

But they take things a bit further in terms of the consequences of data breaches as well as monitoring the data marketplace on the Dark Web.

You know that social security numbers and credit cards are sold on the dark web, right?

Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs For 2021

So, let’s get down to the brass deal – how much will you get paid for your affiliate referral with this pay-per-lead offer?

$ 35 in affiliate commission will be credited to your affiliate account for each paid lead you generate for them.

It is not very shabby.

URL: Identity IQ affiliate program

Commission:  $35 per lead


Cookie duration: 30 days

American Express Canada

Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs For 2021

And now we have an affiliate offer specifically for our Canadian authority hackers – American Express Canada.

For Europeans reading this, Amex is one of the three largest credit card companies in the world.

But why would you want to promote credit cards – didn’t people stop using them after the 2008 financial meltdown?

And what better way to help your visitors with their credit card spending and to introduce them to Amex, where the cards come with all kinds of benefits?

They have 18 different cards to choose from, with something to suit every lifestyle.

Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs For 2021

But for starters, this payment pays up to CA $ 200 in affiliate commissions per accepted offer per lead offer.

This is the best payout per lead affiliate offer in this roundup by payouts – but others come close.

 URL: American Express Canada affiliate program

Commission:  Up to $200 per lead

EPC:  $644.89

Cookie duration: 7 days

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