E-commerce. Today’s world demands to lay down the roots of a respective business not just physically but digitally too. Therefore, an e-commerce website has become one of the most vital steps in making your business grow exponentially.

In today time half of our time has been spent surfing through the internet, scrolling through the various e-commerce site. But the bigger question is how to make the customer stay? How to build your e-commerce website with the best digital marketing agency in India that could create sales and revenue with profit. That is one of the goals of the business.

Building a website from scratch could be nerve-wracking as it not only involves a single step but constitutes many small steps before making it big. Like, choosing a domain name that gives your e-commerce a brand name. You could easily find it on GoDaddy. But besides hiring a web developer to create a website some steps could make you sweat hard and turn your working over from 9-5 to the whole night.

 E-commerce website for your business

These are 5 most important points to adhere to when creating an e-commerce website


  • Take your ecommerce- website live:

    As soon as you get done with your homepage, about us and contact. Get in the run for the money. Upload your website and start creating the hype around it by contacting various bloggers and reporters for advertising and using various digital marketing tactics to get the hype.
    It doesn’t just help in this but also it creates legitimacy when you approach others in order to either gain financial assistance or to other business houses, it gives you credibility. And lastly, it will help you in building good SEO by lining all these sources as your backlinks, which is pivotal for your website.

  • Help A Reporter Out:

    HARO is one of the best tools for PR and SEO. It provides you with the necessary exposure and could act as the game-changer. HARO provides you with a database of sources for upcoming stories and opportunities for sources to secure various media coverage. All you have to is sign up for free and get to business, literally.

  • Personalize Outreach:

    Creating a website that appeals to your customers in a way that could help in boosting organic traffic. That is what every business wants. After getting your SEO strategy on road, you’ll realize how personalize content could help as fuel for your SEO strategy.
    Installing value in the mind of the customer is how you gain potential customers, a bond. A value gradually creates a bond between your website and the customer. Or even to vendors or business partners.


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  • Payment Gateway:

    When it comes to the generation of sales, there are few things that need to work. Imagine your customer wants to pay and you don’t of credit card option? You can’t imagine right. Because payment gateways are vital. Therefore, do your research properly and get into the process. For best payment gateway you could use ‘PayU’ and ‘Razorpay’.
    Also, Provide your customers with a secure checkout policy, Privacy policy, and return policy. You need to create a sense of security in the mind of a customer before she makes payment. A new website always creates a sense of doubt in the customer before they pay through their credit card.



  • Google Shopping + Facebook Product Catalogue:

    Getting kick start your SEO with best digital marketing company is one of the most important step from the beginning. But when you’re in the final stage of development, don’t forget to set up your Goggle shopping campaign that ensures product images populates when users search similar keywords.
    You can use the same data feed from the merchant center and upload it on Facebook Catalogue.


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